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Urban Survival Handbook: A Prepper's Guide to Canning and Preserving for an Emergency Audiobook

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Urban Survival Handbook: A Prepper’s Guide to Canning and Preserving for an Emergency Audiobook free preview is an Home & Garden,House & Home audiobook write by Urban Survival Handbook
In any disaster, food is of upmost importance when it comes to survival. Whether if all of the nearby supermarkets have vanished or you are stranded – protecting food and preserving supplies is crucial. Canning and Preserving for an Emergency Knowing how to pressurize, seal, and protect jars and various containers will prolong the expiration of the item stored inside. Keep your food fresh and eat well. Enjoy the tasty recipes we have included as well such as our carrots and tomatoes. Many people want to be prepared in case of an emergency. An emergency that would render them without access to any source of food. Call it a war, a terrorist act, a hail, a severe storm, a typhoon, a whirlwind, or any other expression of the power of nature and the human…idiosyncrasy (…to put it mildly). Some of them prefer to raid the super markets and get their hands on any form of tin can they can lay their hands on, store it in the basement, and leave it there to be used when and if it ever became necessary. While this might be an easy and expedient solution, it’s neither the healthiest, nor the tastiest, nor the best thing for your finances. Especially if you face medical conditions that would make the consumption of salt a dangerous proposition. However, an increasing number of people have decided to be prepared on one hand, but not to take the risk of eating food of bad quality and cooked in a most displeasing way on the other. The Urban Survival Handbook: A Peppers Guide to Canning and Preserving for an Emergency: How to Survive Your First Disaster is a book specially addressed to them. And, of course, anyone else who may choose to forego tasting industrial food. In it, you will find everything you need to know. ©2015 Urban Survival Handbook (P)2016 Jeffrey Ito
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