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Urban Altoids EDC Kit (Version 3.0)


Altoids tins are commonly used in the prepper/survival community as a miniature storage container for gear and supplies. Over the years, I have refined my kits to focus less on “survival” items and more towards common, everyday tasks (e.g., “EDC”). Survival kits are designed specifically for survival situations in treacherous areas of the world, void of civilization. I live in an urban region where a Starbucks is usually within a few miles of most locations I will be at. Thus, the contents of my Altoids kit is custom designed for my specific environment. Everyone’s gear should be custom tailored to their individual needs, trade and region.

This continuation of my ongoing Urban Altoids EDC Kits (version 3.0) incorporates a lot of the organization layout from the previous version, but with a few improvements in some of the individual gear. The specific items are included to compliment my current Everyday Carry (EDC), not just provide redundancy. There are no sharp items that could be considered as weapons, so it is fairly TSA Friendly. This design utilizes custom magnetic mounting of the individual items. This not only ensures that all items are positioned in their exact location, but it also allows the Altoids tin to be completely turned upside-down without any of the items falling out.

I hope you enjoy this version of my Urban Altoids EDC Kit!


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