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Spare Some Change For A Homeless Wizard? | Urban Survival

Urban Survival dumps us half-naked in a park and asks us to scavenge some survival materials while fending off rival hobos.

As a Survival simulator, I’ll tell you to invest heavily in bananas. That, and whiskey will pretty much get you through your first homeless day. But when we throw on a wizard hat and start begging, the money really comes in.

Let’s take a look at Urban Survival.

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(URBAN SURVIVAL is currently in EARLY ACCESS. Not all art or gameplay features you experience are the final versions, and much more content will be added as the game develops.)
Urban Survival is a videogame about survival in an urban setting. Remember; the Goal of Urban Survival is not to escape homelessness, it is to become the RULER of the homeless.

In Urban Survival you will explore a randomly generated city, pick through trash and recycling bins for supplies, craft weapons, food, and buildings with what you find. Enlist fellow homeless warriors to help in your fight to gain control of the city backstreets. Engage with the local city residents; panhandle from, talk with, or mug them, the only interactions which really matter on the streets.

Fight back droves of the evil homeless empire, take over their territory, and spread your influence. Find and trade with the peaceful Merchant homeless faction, discover the secrets of the Pygmy homeless, and many other strange and interesting factions which will be revealed as the game develops,

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