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Packing for GORUCK Constellation 6 Urban Survival Event 2019

GORUCK Constellation 6 is GORUCK’s intro to urban survival event. It’s not a physical beat down like you would see at a Light, Tough, or Heavy. Instead, it focuses on teaching and applying skills that should hopefully help you in a disaster scenario. This video was shot before the Seattle Constellation 6 event that happened in March, 2019.

Packing Post with List:
Event Info:

Time Codes
Packing Starts: 1:01
HK Quick Clip: 1:18
Bladder: 1:34
Dry Bag: 2:30
Constellation 6 Tips: 10:35

Packing List (Team Gear)
Selfie Stick (I use a Manfrotto Pixi and Ulanzi ST-03)
Manfrotto Pixi:
Ulanzi ST-03:

Packing List (Individual Gear)
A rucksack (or backpack):
Water (2L Minimum):
Photo ID: Brought my driver’s license
$20 cash: Went to a bank
Headlamp with extra batteries (we use the Spot 15):
Reflective Ruck Bands (or equivalent):
Smartphone: Pixel 2XL
One (1) contractor bag:
Metal can: Grabbed one from the grocery store
One (1) roll duct tape:
One (1) dust mask:
One (1) empty 2L bottle : I use seltzer water bought from the grocery store
One (1) pad of steel wool (extra fine, 0000):
One (1) 9V battery:
One (1) Canteen cup or something to use over an open flame:
Free tourist map of the event city (do not pay for it): We get ours off the internet

Recommended Individual Gear
HK Quick Clip:
External battery pack (for charging your phone):
Gloves (for picking up materials):
Dry bag (keep your gear dry):
Food (this event isn’t catered): I brought protein bars
Windbreaker (you gotta stay warm out there):
Nalgene (can’t ever have too much water):
PACElid with snacks (nice to have a pick-me-up like Swedish Fish):
Coffee (kept mine in a Hydro Flask):


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