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Choose to Survive. No Primitive Survival Skills Needed.

Will you survive or lay down and die? While you probably won’t have to build a mud house and hide in the woods, which fighting off wild boars, you should have an emergency action plan in place.

Most of us do not possess the primitive skills necessary to create a shelter, hunt for food and secure safe drinking water needed for a long-term survival plan. As a matter of fact, most of you will simply shelter in place with the food and water you have on hand, while hoping someone shows up to save you. But what happens when no one shows up? What happens when you no longer have food or water? What happens when the temperature drops below freezing and you don’t have the ability to start a fire.

These are some of the survival issues we’re going to deal with on this channel. From Get Home Bags, EDC and Bug Out Bags to urban survival and personal protection, I’m going to attempt to provide you with all the information and knowledge you need to help ensure your survival through any number of emergency events.

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