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Altoids Tin EDC Kit | Cheap and easy Urban Survival Kit?

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Hello! Here is a video of my recently made Altoids Tin EDC kit. I encourage you to make one of your own, as mine has been proven quite useful already. Any suggestions and constructive criticism is welcome, and thanks for watching!
The contents include: Swiss army knife, Tylenol, Anti-Acid, Zebra Pen, Dixon Pencil, 1′ of red duct tape, Credit card magnifier, Rubber band, 10 paper clips, 2 AAA batteries (protected in Heat shrink tubing), 2 alcohol prep pads, and 2 Band-Aids.
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{[Hello everybody, today I’m going to be doing a real quick video on my Altoids Tin EDC type kit. Now this is not a survival kit, but rather and urban style kit. Now, this was kind of just made for fun, because I saw it on a channel on Youtube. So, let’s just get right into it. So, first to hold it together we have a rubber band to keep it sealed. Let me go ahead and take that off. So, also you can use this for a lot of things. Rubber bands are very useful. Another modification to the actual tin itself, is the edges are wrapped in black tape (electrical tape), so you can use that and also it seals it better so it doesn’t fall apart. Also, I decided not to paint the tin, because I wanted it to look like an Altoids tin. So let’s go ahead and see what’s inside. As you can see it’s very tight, so I may have to do this off camera. Okay, here it is. Now it may look a little bit messy, but I think it works out pretty well. So, let’s just start over here. We have, (I’m going to have to focus this) here we have 4 tylenol pills, these are good for headaches; things like that. Over here, we have my Zebra retractable pen. Now this is cool, because uh, not only does it perfectly fits, it retracts and expands, so it’s comfortable and also when you pull it out, it brings out the actual pen. So that’s that. (I’m going to put that to the side) Here we have a Sandisk Cruzer 4GB Flash drive (Cruzer Blade). This is very small, and I just had this lying around and I thought a USB flash drive would be quite useful. I found many uses for this. Back here we have a standard, lets actually get to that at the end. Here we have 2 AAA batteries. These are both covered in, heat shrink tubing, so it keeps them from shorting out. So once again, back here we have a Dixon HB #2 pencil. I just cut this off and that fits perfectly. That’s useful. Over here we have a Swiss army knife. Now I don’t know if this is famer, or what it is exactly, but it’s very old. (about 15 years old) So I’m not really sure, but as you can see it is just a normal Swiss Army Knife. It has all the good basic tools, so that’s pretty useful. Down here we have some stomach medicine, so that can be useful sometimes. Over here, we have ten paper clips. And these can be used if you stretch them out, or unbend them than you can use them as wire or anything else. Or just to put papers together. And also, that has about 2 ft. of electrical tape wrapped around it. And that’s to keep it all together and also you can use that. Down here, we kind of get into the medical stuff. And then at the bottom we have other things. Here we just have 2 alcohol pads and these are good for cleaning cuts before you put a Band-Aid on so you prevent infection. Down here, we have two Band-Aids, these are just standard Bands-Aids (self explanatory). Down here, we just have (it’s kind of hard to get to) and that’s it. This is just a about 12 inches of duct tape, and also I put it on wax paper so you can just use that. Finally, we have a magnifying glass. This is useful for different things. You can focus light and of course you can start fires, but since this is urban you would most likely use this for reading small text. So when you have to read some sort of label, you can use this magnifying glass. So, that’s pretty much it. I think it’s going to be pretty useful. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye! {End}]}

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