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A Ceramic Knife Has Many Amazing Uses For Urban Survival

Welcome to BlindOwl Bushcraft and Survival, on this channel you will learn outdoor skills, bushcraft, survival, primitive fire and trapping, camping, cooking, hammocks, knives and tools plus knots and how to use them and anything i can think of that is outdoor related…
Also we will try and review all the gear we have giving honest reports about products we use and rely on every day out in the woods…
Plus I will try to give tutorials that are simple so you can easily learn and then put what I show you into practice right away…
The information I share with you will be what I have learned myself and used for many years…
Most of the equipment I have is low cost and geared for the average guy or gal who just wants to get outside and have fun in the woods or even just in the backyard…
My Favorite thing is making fires and have many ways to show, plus tips that I have learned through trial and error…
So I hope you will enjoy our channel, become friends and share us with people of a like mind, lets get outside and have some fun and learn a few new skills that will help make our time in the bush safer and more enjoyable.
Thank You
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